Cannabis Trademarks

Distinctive Leaf™ protects brands, slogans, logos and marks.

Distinctive Leaf™ is managed by the Robison Law Group.


Protecting your brand at the state, federal and international levels is critical and possible in the Cannabis (hemp and marijuana) spaces.


Distinctive Leaf converts cannabis applications at the state, U.S. federal and international levels into registrations.


From traditional copyright protection to using copyright law to protect your cannabis related IP where trademark law presents challenges, our team provides solutions.

Protection Strategies

Applications at the U.S. federal level requires a strategic analytical thought process. We will police and defend your intellection property rights.

Intellectual Property

The value of a company lies in its intellectual property and intangibles. We help you identify what should be protected and provide solutions to do so.

License Agreements

Our team has drafted and negotiated license agreements for a wide variety of intangibles between parties in different United States jurisdictions and between parties the United States and international jurisdictions.

Complete TM Search

Distinctive Leaf attorney review the strength of your mark using a variety of means including a knock out search (searching the internet, the USPTO’s database and business formation databases) and a clearance search.

Phone Consultation

You will speak with an attorney about your application.

TM Application

Distinctive Leaf submits the application for you as soon as you provide it with the information required to submit an application.

Track to Completion

Distinctive Leaf tracks your application through the process. You only incur additional charges for substantive challenges to your right to obtain protection.

Effective Solutions in a Complex Space

Marketing and branding are Distinctive Leaf’s™ core competences. We are passionate about the cannabis industry and are motivated to provide solutions to challenges associated with protecting cannabis brands.

Regardless of your product or service, if you have a brand, you should protect it with trademarks or services marks at the state and/or federal level. Regardless of the role you play in the cannabis industry, if you do not yet have a brand, you should establish one and seek trademark or service mark protection.

Once a person has selected his or her new business name, product name, logo or slogan, in the cannabis industry it is critical, yet challenging, to obtain U.S. federal trademark protection for a trademark or service mark. Distinctive Leaf™ determines whether your name, logo or slogan is in fact available for statutory protection and lawful for you to apply for and register as a federal trademark for your business or organization.

Foremost, a cannabis (marijuana or hemp) trademark or service applicant will want to make sure that the goods and services are lawful to register under applicable trademark law. Second, an applicant should ensure that a name, logo or slogan does not infringe upon someone else’s trademark rights; so, the applicant may protect itself from challenges from other businesses, organizations and people claiming to have superior rights or that the applicant has infringed on their intellectual property. Distinctive Leaf’s™ comprehensives services will increase the chances that the cannabis business’s name, logo or slogan is available for you to use in the complicated cannabis (marijuana and hemp) space.

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20+ Years of Experience

Combined we have 20+ year protecting and commercializing all forms of intellectual property.